November 29, 2017, 3:27 PM
Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the rally held in Morbi, Gujarat. (Photo by: ANI)

Ahead of the 2017 Gujarat Assembly Elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched a fresh attack on Congress as he took a dig at former PM Indira Gandhi at a rally in Morbi, Gujarat. As per ANI, the PM said, "When Indiraben came to Morbi, I remember there was a photo of her in Chitralekha magazine with a hanky over her nose due to the foul smells. But for Jansangh and RSS, the streets of Morbi are fragrant. It is the fragrance of humanity." He also accused the entire Congress party of being elitist and told the people at the rally that unlike Congress, BJP has stood with Morbi in good and bad times.

The PM is holding four rallies in Morbi, which is located in the heart of Saurashtra. Morbi is a crucial town keeping the 2017 assembly elections in mind as it has three of Gujarat's 182 assembly seats. Political activist Hardik Patel also held a rally in Morbi, which has been one of key areas for him for his agitation against the ruling party.

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