December 30, 2020, 7:32 PM

Kumari Selja, former Union Minister from United Progressive Alliance (UPA), on Wednesday, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was accusing Congress party of misleading farmers on farm laws.
She said that all the accusations were baseless. She said the same while addressing a press conference at AICC headquarters, New Delhi.
Slamming the Centre, she said, “Modiji should stand with farmers. He is standing with capitalists instead. We demand the Centre: 'leave their stubbornness and listen to the farmers'.”
She further stated that as Haryana was home to maximum farmers, CM Manohar Lal should have spoken to PM Modi regarding farmers protest.
“Modiji’s throne is set high up; he can’t see things happening below the stairs. One can’t thrust laws on people like a dictator without consulting them,” she added.

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