January 4, 2017, 2:18 AM
Photo by: Gursshheen Gahllen

The coffee lover I'm, I can have my coffee anytime of the day! Yesterday (Monday) late evening while having my coffee in the balcony and gazing in the sky, I came across an amusing view of a crescent moon with a bright star just below it. Being the hyper-active social media girl I'm, I quickly took to my Snapchat profile and posted a picture of it, captioning the picture - ‘Make a wish ’. While going through the feeds on some social networking sites on Tuesday morning, to my amusement, I got to know that the bright star which I saw below the crescent moon wasn't actually a star, it was in fact the evening star - Planet Venus!

Stargazers all across the world had their gazes glued to the sky to witness the bright Moon and the Venus together on the Monday night. Keen snappers across the globe shared the picture of this amazing view over social media and were somewhere hoping to see Mars and Neptune as well if the skies remained clear. After appearing as a bright red light in the sky last May and June 2016, Mars now appeared only modestly bright (though possibly still ruddy), above the dazzling Venus. Venus was so bright that it popped out almost immediately after sunset. As per the reports by the Beckstrom Observatory, during January 2017, Venus will reach its peak height above the horizon. The distance between Mars and Venus will decrease as Venus gets higher each night.

As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. I could not fulfill my dream due to some reason but I'm happy that a person like me who loves to explore the mysteries of space, got a beautiful New Year present like this! Surely, the start of 2017 couldn't have been any better!

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