September 21, 2021, 5:44 PM

As per a recent survey done by UK-based automobile company Hiyacar, Mumbai ranked as the world’s most stressful city for driving in the year 2021.

The company had surveyed 36 biggest cities of the world and ranked them on the basis of a range of road safety factors.  

The factors that were taken into consideration were: number of cars per capita, total number of vehicles in the city, severity of traffic congestion, quality of the roads, public transportation options, number of traffic accidents per year and the city density.
Each city was given an overall score out of 10, to ascertain the highest level of stress. While Mumbai scored 7.4, Delhi scored 5.9. Bengaluru also featured on the list and ranked 11 with an overall score of 4.7.
Most stressful cities to drive in

>> Mumbai, India 

>> Paris, France 

>> Jakarta, Indonesia
>> Delhi, India 

>> New York, United States
Least stressful cities to drive in

>> Lima, Peru

>> Dongguan, China 

>> Hangzhou, China 

>> Tianjin, China 

>> Bogota, Columbia
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