September 19, 2018, 4:08 AM
Nagpur Crime Branch officials with the accused

Coming down heavily on the illicit marijuana trade, the anti-narcotics cell of Nagpur Crime Branch, in two days, collectively seized 392.144 kgs of Ganja worth around Rs 40 lakh. While 209.744 kgs of marijuana was seized on Sunday (September 16), 182.400 kgs of marijuana was seized on Monday (September 17).

On Sunday, the anti-narcotics cell, acting on a tip-off, intercepted two cars – a Renault Duster (MH 42/K/2661) and a Hyundai Verna (MH 40/KR/7040) - near Kapsi Bridge on Kalamna Highway.

When the people in the cars couldn’t provide satisfactory answers, the police searched both the cars, after which they collectively found 209.744 kgs of ganja from both the cars.

Those who were arrested include: Rajendra Kirad (32), Nitin Mohadikar (35), Swapnil Todsam (30), Mahendra Wadhankar (32) and Anil Vishwakarma (19). Along with the contraband, the police also confiscated the two vehicles and eight mobile phones, all amounting to Rs 39, 67,120. A case has been registered at Kalamna Police Station.

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Then on Monday, the anti-narcotics cell intercepted three vehicles – Tata Indigo (MH 27/AC/8456), Swift Desire (MH 27/BY/2877) and Ford (MH 04/DY/3883) at Amravati Road.

When the police started questioning, three men got out of one of the cars and escaped. The remaining three men were nabbed by the cops. On checking the vehicles, the police found 182.400 Kgs of ganja worth Rs 18,24,000 from the three cars collectively.

Including the ganja, the cars and mobile phones, goods worth Rs 32, 33,000 were confiscated by the cops. Those who have been arrested and booked by Nandanvan Police include: Sheikh Sadik Sheikh Baba (33), Sheikh Armaan Sheikh Umar (31) and Sheikh Razik (22), all residents of Amravati.

Those arrested have been booked by Kalamna Police and Nandavan Police under relevant sections of IPC and Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

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