February 22, 2019, 1:09 AM
Nagpur-based director Anurag Bhusari makes film on Nitin Gadkari
Poster of Gadkari film

After Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Bal Thackeray and Manmohan Singh, Nitin Gadkari too jumped in the ‘biopic bandwagon’ after Nagpur-based director Anurag Bhusari recently uploaded a trailer of his film titled ‘Gadkari’ on social media.

Anurag said that his film on the Union Minister isn’t any sort of propaganda but just a compilation of facts. Anurag told PTI, “Lately, there have been a number of biopics (on politicians) where people said they were like propaganda. But what I can assure the audience is that I have only shown the facts. I have not tried to show 'look how Nitin Gadkari is a good person' but I have shown his struggles. I have shown the facts and everything which has happened with him.”

Nitin Gadkari too jumped in the ‘biopic bandwagon’ after Nagpur-based director Anurag Bhusari uploaded a trailer of his film titled ‘Gadkari.’
Anurag Bhusari (Photo source: facebook)

Anurag, with a crew of around 20 people, started working on the film in September 2018 and finished the shoot within a span of two months. Anurag said that the film was shot completely in Nagpur and to avoid any sort of interference, he decided to raise money though crowd funding.

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Anurag said that it would have been easier for him to have a single producer on board; especially considering the person the film revolves around. Still, he opted for crowd funding avoid any sort of political influence vis-à-vis the script and there would also be a greater scope of implementing creative liberty.

Anurag said that he didn’t take any permission from Gadkari before making the film. However, he said that he interacted with the Union Minsiter’s wife Kanchan and his childhood friend for the film.

Slated for a YouTube release before March 5, 2019, Gadkari features Rahul Chopda in the lead.

Watch the trailer below:
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