March 29, 2020, 12:45 AM

Mohabat Singh Tuli
Nagpur hotelier MS Tuli served Langar (free meal) to the labourers on Nagpur-Jabalpur highway (near his Tuli Veer Bagh resort) yesterday, as they struggled to reach their respective native places in different parts of Madhya Pradesh amid the lockdown in India because of COVID-19.
Talking to Nation Next, Mohabat Singh Tuli, said, “On taking to them, I found out that most of them had left Nagpur on foot or on cycles at 3am in the wee hours to take the troublesome and tiring journey of around 150-200 kms to reach their places. Many of them were the daily wage labourers who had been deceived by their contractors, who initially promised them to give their wages and asked them to stay back in Nagpur for more days for work despite the lockdown. Then these contractors fled without giving the labourers any money, which left them stranded with no food and money. So, they had no other choice but to start walking or cycling towards their faraway native places. I was extremely disheartened to see their plight. All I could do was to cook food for them at my resort, and serve the langar to them. I appeal the government to do something for them.”
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