December 11, 2019, 7:00 PM

Nagpur City Marathon: More than 5000 participants set an example of an outstanding marathon in support of National Cancer Institute powered by Maha Metro, for awareness of cancer 

Organised by city’s most talked about running group – Orange City Runners (OCR) – Nagpur City Marathon was a huge success both in terms of response and arrangements. While OCR Secretary Prashant Gurjar flagged off the 21 km race, Spl IG Prasanna and Nagpur Municipal Commissioner Bangar jointly flagged off 10 km race, Nagpur Mayor Sandeep Joshi flagged off ‘Fun Run 5 km’ race. Apart from this, three three runners were from Kenya; two who participated in 21 kms race and one in 10km race.

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For the first time in city, bands, lezim, dances, sax players, cooling mist (by Ram Coolers) were deployed en-route for entertainment of the runners. It was the first ever marathon to have no cash prize yet it managed to pull a crowd of over 5000. It also had riders and drivers piloting the runners of different categories. 

Read what the participants had to say about the marathon:

Hamza Shakir: An awesome and a very well managed event. I on behalf of my TKM group would like to thank every single member of OCR who contributed to make this event special for us. Mainly motivating us to be fit and healthy always.

Sudesh Jhavar: Dear Team NCM, I appreciate everyone's efforts to make a safe race for us! :)

I was very impressed by everyone giving so much encouragement throughout the entire course!  Everything down to the smallest detail was so well organised. It really meant a lot to be welcomed so warmly at the finish line too! Thank you so much for a great race!

CA Surjitsingh Bhasin: It was as if you are roaming in the fair. I was in the last lot in 21k and was surprised to see full strength of volunteers and fully loaded with energy drinks, gud, chikki and oranges at hydration points with. Congratulations to all to team for success of NCM.

Abhishek Jha: The marathon was brilliantly organised. By far the best the city has seen. Right from the flow of runners, the abundance of hydration points, the variety of offerings at each hydration point and more importantly the people at the hydration points, everything was superb. The dance at every two kilometres, from Zumba, to the band, dhol, lezhim, everything was mighty encouraging and created a festive atmosphere. Even after the run, the stretching zone was amazingly managed and the personal attention was noteworthy keeping in mind the number of runners. Even small things like the quality of medal, the refreshments, the clip to put the bib, everything was great. Thank you so much for this amazing experience.

OveRahul Upganlwar: OCR’s first marathon; excellent arrangements. The marathon was brilliantly organised. Venue with loaded with entertainment and enthusiasm including lavish breakfast, water, etc. The best part was team management.

In pics: Below is the glimpse of Nagpur City Marathon...
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