January 13, 2022, 8:19 PM

Nagpur Collector R Vimala, Ranjeet Deshmukh and others during the inauguration

Nagpur Collector R Vimala, Ranjeet Deshmukh and others during the inauguration

Nagpur collector R Vimala on Thursday (January 13) inaugurated a huge oxygen generation plant at Lata Mangeshkar Hospital situated at Hingna. The plan can supply oxygen 300 patients at a time. The inauguration was done in the presence of Dr Sanjay Jaiswal (Deputy Director, Health Services), Ranjeet Deshmukh (former Minister and Chairman of VSPM Academy of Higher Education, Dr Kajal Mitra (Dean, NKP Salve Medical College), Rupatai Deshmukh,  Dr Subhash Deshmukh (Vice-President of VSPMAHE), Dr Vilas Thombre (Vice Dean), Dr Vikas Dhanorkar (Administrative Director of Lata Mangeshkar Hospital), Dr Usha Radke (Dean of VSPM Dental College) and Dr Manisha Deshpande (Director of VSPM Physiotherapy College). 

Speaking during the occasion, Collector R Vimala said: "Lata Mangeshkar Hospital has been providing good services to patients suffering from COVID-19 for the last two years. The hospital has maintained a social commitment by providing state-of-the-art treatment facilities to the critically ill patients of COVID-19 in extremely difficult circumstances.

In second wave, the entire country faced massive oxygen shortage. Loss of life on a large-scale was also reported. In view of the seriousness of the third wave, the administration of Lata Mangeshkar Hospital has already taken precautionary measures to ensure that patients do not experience oxygen shortage by setting up a huge oxygen generation plant in the hospital premises.

I am confident that the new state-of-the-art ICU, ventilators, state-of-the-art life support system, expert medical team will successfully overcome the difficulties encountered."
Ranjeet Deshmukh said: “About 280 beds equipped with oxygen and other facilities at Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Digdoh Hills, Hingna Road, Nagpur, have been reserved for COVID-19 patients for the last two years. It includes 20 state-of-the-art ICU beds. All the doctors, nurses, attendants and other staff are ready to provide their valuable services to the patients in this difficult situation. As special treatment arrangements have been made for the patients suffering from COVID-19, the patients will get better service from the hospital in the third wave also. We will always support the government for medical services.”

Dr Kajal Mitra said: “The oxygen generation capacity of the oxygen generation plant inaugurated today is 700 cubic meters in 24 hours. VSA - Vacuum Swing Absorption is a state-of-the-art automated & electricity supported plant and is the only device in Central India. The plant will supply oxygen to the patients by separating the oxygen from the atmosphere. Therefore, it will now be possible to supply oxygen to 300 patients at a time.

At the same time, the 25/25 control panel will also be able to supply oxygen to the patients through the oxygen cylinder. The plant has been certified by the Department of Health Technology Management under the Ministry of Health. This plant has been established because of active efforts and support of Dr. Ashish Deshmukh (Working Chairman, VSPMAHE).

Lata Mangeshkar Hospital has its own large liquid oxygen tank with a capacity of 11 kiloliters and will now have its own oxygen supply for all type of patients. The Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) department of the hospital manages the oxygen supply very well. We are ready to provide good health care to the patients suffering from COVID."

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