May 1, 2021, 6:53 PM

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In yet another harrowing tale, a family in Nagpur had to cremate two members on the same day (April 28) as both of them succumbed to COVID-19 a day apart. While the husband died at 7 pm on April 27 at AIIMS, the wife died at 5 pm on April 28 at their home.

75-year-old Narayanrao Moundekar and his 72-year-old wife Shakuntala Moundekar had contracted COVID-19 two weeks back. While Narayanrao was receiving treatment at AIIMS, Shakuntala was getting treated at their residence at Solanki Wadi in Sakkardara.

As his condition deteriorated, Narayanrao was put on ventilator support and had been on it for eight days till he passed away on April 27. The couple’s sons Prashant, Shailesh, and Nilesh decided that to not share the news of their father’s death with their mother. However, as per COVID-19 protocol, the sons started preparing for their father’s last rites.

Meanwhile, Shakuntala’s daughter-in-laws Geeta, Pranju, and Sheetal were assuring her that Narayanrao will be back home soon after recovering. However, Shakuntala’s condition worsened and she breathed her last on April 28. The couple was cremated together on April 28 at Gangabai Ghat. 

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