May 6, 2020, 6:15 PM

Nagpur COVID-19: A 22-year-old youngster who was residing at Rameshwari Road, Parvati Nagar, near Ajni passed away. After his death, his COVID-19 reports came out positive. If some people from the same area were to be believed, the youngster suffered a heart attack on Tuesday.

When Nation Next spoke to one of the neighbours of the deceased, he said, “He wasn’t keeping well since a few days. He did have breathing issues so he was on medications. He even used to take some medicines for his mental health. As a result, his haemoglobin was on the lower side. He didn’t have any other symptom. He did have cough since a long time though.”

He added, “If he was COVID-19 positive, the entire colony will have to be quarantined.”

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