March 28, 2020, 4:50 AM

Santosh Totwani

Nagpur businessman Santosh Totwani, who was tested positive for Coronavirus on March 26, has appealed the citizens to not panic and consult a doctor if they experience any symptoms of coronavirus.

Totwani, who returned to Nagpur from Delhi on March 18, said, "I started experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on March 25 and I immediately got myself tested. Once I was tested positive, people I came in touch with were also tested. My mother, wife and son have also tested positive for the virus." The employees who work at Totwani's shop in Sindhi Colony in Nagpur's Khamla area have fortunately tested negative for the virus.

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Requesting Nagpurians and especially the residents of Khamla to not panic, Totwani added, "Just because I have contracted the virus doesn't mean, everybody else will as well. I have diabetes since the last 13 years and my immunity is low. Having said that, please take care of your health, don't panic and practice social distancing."

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