May 3, 2021, 8:37 PM

Dominique Gest (2nd from left) along with Kingsway Hospital officials

Dominique Gest (2nd from left) along with Kingsway Hospital officials 

A 55-year-old French national, who was being treated at Kingsway Hospital in Nagpur, was airlifted from city’s Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport to Bordeaux in France by the French government on Sunday. The French national Dominique Gest was heading the technical team of an aviation company in Nagpur when he tested positive for COVID-19.

While the aircraft was managed by International SOS, Dr Rajan Barokar and Dr Mohd Ahteshamoddin from Kingsway Hospital took care of the patient and his transfer to Nagpur airport.

Before being airlifted, Dominique received treatment at Kingsway for four days. He was mildly symptomatic and had fever and cough. While Dominique was receiving the best of care at the hospital, the French Embassy decided to shift him to Bordeaux in France after his medical reports showed inflammatory markers and a HRCT score of 5.

Aejaz Shami, AGM, Marketing and Communications at Kingsway Hospitals, informed Nation Next that a French medical team left from Helsinki in Finland on Sunday. After taking rest, Tashkent in Uzbekistan, the team reached Nagpur at around 3:12 pm. Meanwhile, Dominique boarded the air ambulance at 3:45 pm. The ambulance then took him to Nagpur airport.

Dominique was handed over to the French medical team at 4:50 pm. He boarded the aircraft managed by International SOS at 4:53 pm and the aircraft took off at 5:18 pm. The aircraft took a stop for refueling at Ankara in Turkey before finally reaching Bordeaux on May 3 at midnight. 

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