August 14, 2018, 2:23 AM

A Nagpur doctor was duped of Rs 1.23 lakh from May 31 to July 18 by a fraudster posing as a representative of a fake online company.

As per the police, Dr Vijendra Kinake, a resident of Manewada, had received a call from an unidentified caller informing him that he had been selected by ‘Today My Deal Company’ to receive a two-wheeler as a prize. The caller then told Dr Kinake that in order to receive the prize; he would have to deposit Rs 2,999 in a bank account. After Dr Kinake deposited the money, he was contacted again by the caller, who told Dr Kinake that the company had decided to give him a luxury car instead of a two-wheeler. The doctor was told to deposit Rs 20,000 this time.

Dr Kinake, then got a call again and was told that the company had paid Rs nine lakh for the car and that he would have to deposit Rs one lakh for completing some paper work. As the doctor did not get the call after depositing Rs one lakh, he realised that he had been duped and he filed a complaint with Ajni Police

When Nation Next spoke to PSI Yogesh Ingle from Ajni Police, he said, “Preliminary enquiry has been conducted by the cyber cell and the bank account and mobile numbers have been traced to New Delhi. We are investigating the case and will crack it soon.”

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