September 5, 2019, 9:22 PM

Ambazari Police have booked infamous Nagpur gangster Sheikhu Khan and his two accomplices for kidnapping a liquor trader and extorting Rs 10 lakh from him.

As per the police, on August 26 at around 3:30 pm, when liquor trader Prashant Bajrang Ambatkar (36) was going towards Ram Nagar from Shankar Nagar, he was kidnapped by Sheikhu, Suraj Chaudhari and Shiva Vaijantiwar.

The goons took Ambatkar in a car and drove towards Waddhamna, where Ambatkar was not only beaten but was also threatened with a pistol. The goons then drove towards Ambatkar's house in Manish Nagar on August 27 at around 02:03 am. Ambatkar was released by the goons after getting Rs 10 lakh in cash.

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Ambatkar was so reportedly so horrified after the incident that he had to be hospitalized in the night by his family members. It was after he was discharged that he met Additional Commissioner of Police Nilesh Bharne and narrated the entire incident.

It is being reported that while Sheikhu and his two accomplices were threatening Ambatkar in the car near his house, the entire incident was captured in a CCTV camera installed outside Ambatkar's house.

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Ambazari Police have booked Sheikhu Khan, Suraj Chaudhari and Shiva Vaijantiwar under sections 364(a), 386, 387, 120 (b) and 34 of the IPC, sections 3 and 25 of the Arms Act and section 135 of the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act(MCOCA).

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