August 31, 2021, 3:00 PM

Ashish Agrawal during the 24-hour stadium run held in Mumbai recently

Ashish Agrawal during the 24-hour stadium run held in Mumbai recently

Nagpur lawyer Ashish Agrawal clocked 123.2 kms at a 24-hour stadium run organised by NEB Sports at Wings Sports Centre at Bandra in Mumbai on August 28 (from 6pm) and August 29 (till 6 pm).

The event saw participation from over 1800 runners, aged 18 to 67, in individual and team relays. Categories at the event included: 24 - hour individual run, 12 - hour Individual run, 12-hour team relay, 24-hour team relay and 100 km individual run .

Speaking to Nation Next, Agrawal said: "I participated in the 12-hour run at the same venue lasy year, so I thought of doing the 24-hour run this time. Quite frankly, I could not prepare the way I wanted to due to humid weather during the past few months. But after I had a detailed discussion with my friends and fellow runners Mitesh Rambhia, Kumar Ajwani, Satish Gurjaran and Ekta Awachar, I decided to go for it."

Agrawal added: "It was a fun event where runners got to test their limits. It was a pleasant weather after the sunset but the humidity and heat during the day made the run tougher with every mile."

Agrawal, who's co-founder of Nagpur Runners and Riders (NRR), thanked his coach Dr Sunil Kapgate and Dr Kevin Agrawal for training him mentally and physically, his running partners Kalyani Satija, Soodesh Jhawar, Sandeep Maheshwari and team members of NRR for making his dream come true.

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