April 9, 2020, 1:58 AM

Nagpur man Khushroo Poacha got a call from CM Uddhav Thackeray for his contribution towards the needy through - Seva Kitchen - during the 21-day lockdown.
From right: Khusroo Poacha with his daughter Tunisha and wife Fermin Poacha

It was a moment of pride for Nagpur’s Khushroo Poacha when Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray himself called him on Tuesday morning and applauded his contribution towards the needy during the ongoing lockdown imposed in the entire country to curb the spread of coronavirus. Khushroo Poacha is the founder of Seva Kitchen.

53-year-old Khushroo, who’s a Central Railways employee, thorough his organization ‘Seva Kitchen,’ has been instrumental in providing food to around 3,500 families till now since the lockdown was imposed on March 24. Seva Kitchen was founded by Khushroo in 2014 with an intention to serve food to the needy. Khushroo also initiated the a massive blood donation drive in 2000 through the portal indianblooddonors.com

Excited about getting a call from CM Uddhav Thackeray, Khushroo told Nation Next, “It feels amazing to realise that Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray himself called up an ordinary citizen like me. He appreciated the work that we have been doing during the lockdown. He appreciated the fact that I have been doing social work since last 20 years and that ‘Seva Kitchen’ helps the needy in a way where we don’t take money directly from anybody to help the needy.”

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Speaking about the way Seva Kitchen works, Khushroo said, “We have a campaign going on the portal Donate Kart. People who want to help us, donate money to the portal in proportion with the quantity of food material they wish to donate. The portal directly transfers the money to vendors, who in turn supply the food material to us. At times, people give us cheques on the name of vendors and we give the cheques to them for the food material.”

Thackeray also asked Khushroo to keep in touch with his principal secretary in case ‘Seva Kitchen’ needs any help in helping the needy. Thackeray also told Khushroo to take care of his family and his health while helping the needy.

Speaking about the work done by Seva Kitchen during the lockdown, Khushroo said, “With the help of the portal, we have managed to prepare 7,000 kits of uncooked food material (including 5 kg rice, 5 kg flour, sugar, 1 kg dal, salt, spices, cooking oil, tea and pickle). We have distributed around 3,500 kits till now in different areas of Nagpur. We go to areas and we see if people have food materials or not. Then we distribute the kits to them, so that they can cook food at their homes for at least 10-12 days. ” Seva Kitchen works with several NGOs in the city to distribute the kits.

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