January 20, 2020, 2:46 PM

⇒Nagpur Metro trimmed and saved 427 trees from being cut

⇒Trees along Metro Rail alignment were trimmed

While executing ambitious infrastructural project in Nagpur, Nagpur Metro has been equally cautious of conserving environment in Nagpur. And one of the greatest examples of its efforts in this direction is the fact that the organisation has saved 427 trees just by trimming those trees instead of cutting them.

The trees, which were saved by trimming, were located along Kamptee Road along the Reach-II alignment or Central Avenue (CA) along the Reach-IV alignment. While executing the project, Maha Metro officials conducted extensive and detail survey and studies of the two alignments. During the study it was felt that trees were located along the alignment.

The survey had indicated that 427 tress were needed to be acted upon. The trees belonged to Mungna (Drum Stick), Ashoka, Banyan and other such species and belonged to different age groups. It was essential to act on the trees, as work on the Metro project work could not have gone further.

However, Maha Metro officials decided to consult experts, working in the field of agriculture and horticulture including Srikant Deshpande, a city-based environmentalist. Deshpande and other experts had suggested Maha Metro officials that the project work could go ahead just by trimming the branches.

After getting expert opinion, Maha Metro decided to just trim or cut few branches of these 427 trees. Thus Maha Metro did not just gave these trees a new lease of life but also ensured that the city’s green cover remains along the two major roads remains undisturbed.

Deshpande said that it was great initiative on part of Maha Metro officials to trim trees.

It was major decision on part of Maha Metro and this caution has manifested in a multitude of steps taken by the organisation. The trees, whose branches were cut, but yet saved, today stand tall and are testimony to the steps taken by Maha Metro in conserving the local environment.

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