September 23, 2021, 1:16 PM

Nagpur Police, on September 22, Wednesday, arrested a woman, who allegedly paid two men to kill her husband.
According to reports, accused Seema Bagde (40) had contracted Pawan Pandurang Choudhary (21) and a teenage boy to kill her husband Pradip Bagde (47).
She offered them ₹3 lakh and a residential plot to kill her husband. According to officers, she had paid ₹50,000 as an advance to the killers of her husband.
On September 16, Bagde, who was a resident of Ajni, went missing. The police launched a high-level probe, when they found his decomposed body in Khapa area, Nagpur.
They arrested his wife a day after they found Bagde’s decomposed body.
As per officers, Semma Bagde and her late husband used to fight a lot over small issues. She then decided to get rid of her husband and contracted the duo, who worked at her husbands’ car wash company.
On a fine day, on the false pretext of showing a residential property, the duo took Bagde out for a drive.
After reaching the Thadipaoni area, one of the two, said that he had to answer natures’ call and got out of the car.
When Bagde got out too, Choudhary stabbed Bagde with a sharp weapon and the teenager attacked him with a rod.
After killing him, they dumped his body in a large pipe beneath the bridge.
The officers arrested late Bagde’s wife and the two, who killed him; they detained the juvenile.
After the cops found Bagde’s decomposed body, they saw the duo in the CCTV footage, which they had recovered.
Both the accused confessed their crimes and said that they acted on Seema Bagde’s instructions.
Cops booked the two under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code. Further investigation is in progress.

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