September 14, 2018, 11:22 PM

In the wee hours of Wednesday, when Nagpur Police Zone IV DCP Nilesh Bharne raided ‘Winds and Woods’ restaurant and hookah parlour at Raj Nagar in Nagpur, youth wing leader and Congress corporator Bunty Shelke was also found, during the raid there. The restaurant was raided for operating beyond the permissible time.

The police raided the hookah parlour at 2am, following a tip-off about the restaurant being open beyond permissible time limit. During the raid, besides some minors, Shelke was also found along with few of his supporters.

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When Nation Next spoke to DCP Bharne about the raid, he said, “We have issued a challan to the owner of ‘Winds and Woods’ for operating the restaurant over permissible time limit, but none has been arrested. Following a Bombay High Court’s ruling, we don’t register a case against anyone for just running a hookah parlour.”

Apart from ‘Winds and Woods,’ DCP Bharne also raided another hookah parlour ‘Haveli’ in Ambazari for operating beyond permissible time.

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