August 25, 2021, 1:37 PM

COVID-19 situation in Nagpur is under control post-second wave, which resulted in deaths of hundreds. However, speculations about third wave are constantly being made.
Amid such situations, on Tuesday, it was confirmed that five cases of Delta Plus variant of COVID-19 were reported in Nagpur.
However, these were not fresh cases. The samples, which were sent for testing in second week of July, five among them tested positive for Delta Plus variant.
In an exclusive conversation with Nation Next, Additional Commissioner of Nagpur Municipal Corporation Ram Joshi, said, “These cases tested positive for COVID-19 in the month of July. To know more about its type, we sent it for research.”
He added that yesterday NMC got to know that among those samples, five had tested positive for the Delta Plus variant.
“Our nodal agency, which sent the samples for testing is IGGMC (Indira Gandhi Government Medical College). After getting the knowledge of the type of the samples, we then convey it to concerned authorities,” said Joshi.
He concluded by saying that one from those five samples belonged to Chandrapur and other four were recorded from Nagpur city.

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