July 26, 2021, 9:34 PM

Nagpur businessmen during the 'Sarkar Jagao' protest march at Samvidhan Square in Nagpur

Nagpur businessmen during the 'Sarkar Jagao' protest march at Samvidhan Square in Nagpur

Sarkar Jagao Vanijya Bachao Sangharsh Samiti (SJVBSS), a group led by various business organisations of Nagpur, conducted the 'Sarkar Jagao' protest march on July 26 to demand lifting of lockdown restrictions. The intention behind the match was to 'awaken the government and administration' (Sarkar Jagao) to 'preserve the entrepreneurship' (Vanijya Bachao).

Businessmen conducted the march from Samvidhan Square to offices of Nagpur Collector Vimala R and Nagpur Municipal Corporation Commissioner Radhakrishnan B. Before the protest, Dipen Agrawal, the convenor of SJVBSS, garlanded the statue of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar near Samvidhan square. in presence of prominent businessmen of the city.

After the peaceful protest at Samvidhan Square, protestors peacefully moved on foot to the office of NMC Commissioner. A small delegation consisting of Dipen Agrawal, Co-convener Dilip Kamdar, Secretary Tejinder Singh Renu, Micky Arora and Sachin Puniyani then submitted a memorandum of demand to the NMC Commissioner. MLA Krishna Khopde and MLC Pravin Datke were also present during the meeting with Radhakrishnan B.

Thereafter, the delegation went to Nagpur District Collector Vimala R's office and submitted the memorandum with a demand to restore relaxations in Nagpur Rural as per applicable level under state government's order dated June 4. Vishnu Pacheriwala and Tarun Nirban too joined the delegation.

Dipen Agrawal said: "The delegation upraised both the authorities with the existential crises faced by entrepreneurs in engaged in bars, restaurants, food joints, hotels, mangal karyalays, tent house, caterers, coaching classes, malls, resorts, etc.

Nagpur businessmen during the 'Sarkar Jagao' protest march at Samvidhan Square in Nagpur

Nagpur businessmen during the 'Sarkar Jagao' protest march at Samvidhan Square in Nagpur

It was also conveyed to the NMC Commissioner without mincing words that the suppressed anguish of traders has busted today, which is the reason that businessman in large numbers have come on the streets and participated in protest rally."

The delegation requested the authorities to convey the resentment of traders to government with a word of caution that if relaxation is not given then situation could go out of hand. Both Vimala R and Radhakrishnan B informed the delegation that the proposal by businessmen will be sent to the government.

Agrawal added: "Businessmen don’t have 'kuber ka khazana!' They need to earn to maintain their establishment, family and staff. They need to earn to pay bank loans, taxes and duties. If businessmen are not permitted to work during normal times, how can they be expected to prepare themselves to sustain the anticipated 3rd wave of virus?"

Dilip Kamdar said, “'We are being backstabbed' is the general feeling brewing among the business community of the district. It is unjust on part of government/administration to frame policies in violation of well-established principle of ‘equality before law’ and ‘equal protection before law’ enriched in Constitution of India.

Tejinder Singh Renu said: "Home delivery food companies like Swiggy/Zomato are permitted to earn windfall profits by charging hefty service charge to consumers while bars, restaurants and food joints are prohibited form offering dining-in facility during their peak business hours. Similarly, e-commerce is permitted to operate on a regular basis, while shops are required to shut by 4 pm.The present direction is seen by business community as a deliberate attempt on part of administration to promote e-commerce and to kill the small and marginal entrepreneurs."

Dipen Agrawal submitting a memorandum of demands to NMC Commissioner Radhakrishnan B

Dipen Agrawal submitting a memorandum of demands to NMC Commissioner Radhakrishnan B

Agrawal and Renu have appealed affected businessmen to participate in large numbers in the car and bike protest rally on July 27. The car and bike rally is scheduled to start at 1.00 pm from Hislop College and will at Variety square. The rally will pass through Law College Square, Coffee House Square, Shankar Nagar Square, Jhansi Rani Square, Panchsheel Square, Mehadia Square, Great Nag Road, Mokshdham Square, Baidyanath Square, Jagnade Square, Gangabai Ghat Square, Telephone Exchange Square, Agrasen Square, Mayo Hospital Square, Ram Jhula, Railway Station Flyover, Manas Square, Morris College T Point before concluding at Variety square.

The Sarkar Jagao Protest March was led from front by coordinator of protest march Amrish Puniyani, office bearers of SVJBSS, Members of Association of Coaching Institutes (ACI), Chamber of Associations of Maharashtra Industry and Trade (CAMIT), Consumer Products Distributers Association (CPDA), Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Vidarbha (NVCC), Nagpur Chamber of Commerce Limited (NCCL), Nagpur Custom House Agents Association (NCHAA), Nagpur Eatery Owners' Association (NEOA), Nagpur Hotel Owners Association (NHOA), Nagpur Mangal Karyalay Lawn Association (NMKLA), Nagpur Photographers & Drone Association (NPDA), Nagpur Residential Hotels Association (NRHA), Nagpur Shipping Lines Agents Association (NSLAA), Nagpur Tent House Association (NTHA), Nagpur Zillah Restaurant Permit-Room Association (NZRPA), Steel & Hardware Chamber of Vidarbha (SHCV), TAAI – Nagpur, Travels Association of Nagpur (TAN), Vidarbha Amusement & Water Parks Association (VAWA), Vidarbha Backstage Association (VBA), Vidarbha Computer & Media Dealer's Welfare Association (VCMDWA), Vidarbha Generator Owners Association (VGOA), Vidarbha LED Association (VLA), Vidarbha Light Owners Association (VLOA), Vidarbha Pen & Stationers Association (VPSA) and Vidarbha Wine Merchants Association (VWMA) participated in large numbers.

Prominently present at the march were Rajesh Lakhotia, Adv Sanjay K Agrawal, Vinay Dharmadhikari, Lalit Gandhi, Dinesh Naidu, Prashant Ugemughe, Inderjeet Singh Baweja, Bhawani Shankar Dave, Vijay Talmale, Rajeev Jaiswal, Sanjay Kale, Ashish Deshmukh, Uday Dhomne, Sunil Bhatia, Vishnu Pacheriwala, Tarun Nirban, Arjundas Ahuja, Goldy Bindra, Sanju Jhans, Abhinav Thakur, Deepak Deosinghani, Pratap Dewani, Deepak Khurana, Sachin Inkane, Sunil Raut, Darshan Pande, Angad Arora, Mandeep Singh Padam, Amit HarinderBembi, Prakash Trivedi, Vinod Trivedi, Hemant Trivedi, Tarun Motwani, Vijay Jaiswal, Rana Singh Bhamra, Gogi Bhasin, Sharad Agrawal, Brijesh Khemka, Rajesh Agrawal, Prof. Rajnikant Bondre, Prof. Suraj Iyer, Prof. Panini Telang, Prof. Virag Mitkary and others.

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