October 9, 2021, 5:48 PM

Nagpur Spirits Round Table 258 along with Ladies Circle 50 celebrated ‘Joy of Giving week’ from October 1 to October 8 in Nagpur.
Under the ‘Joy of Giving’ week the two clubs conducted a series of activities, which helped the underprivileged and less empowered sections of the society.
The associates indulged in various charity events to spread joy to as many people as possible.
On the first day, the associates involved in this project visited an old age home and donated groceries, danced and sang along with the residents there and filled their hearts with joy.
Followed by the old age home visit, they donated I-care hygiene kits to three girls who lost both of their parents during the COVID-19 pandemic. These kits would take care of their hygiene for the next six months.
The third day was recognised as the ‘Joy of Reading’ day. They stacked shelves full of books at the community library of the Chitnavis Center, which runs it for underprivileged kids.
In a move to feed the hungry and the needy, they donated 500kg of rice at Dan Utsav on the fourth day. The rice would be further taken to 17 rural villages, which were hard hit post-pandemic.
On the fifth day, underprivileged kids had a day out with the associates. They were taken to a play date at the Topsy Turvy (an indoor play zone). After long joyful hours, kids grabbed a bite of their favourite meals.
Day number six was dedicated to the ‘specially-abled' kids of Nagpur. A school, which deals with mentally retarded kids, was helped with stationery and groceries.
On the last day of the project, on October 8, the associates reached out to the LGBTQIA+ community of Nagpur and provided them with their hormone medicines, tube lights, fans and water purifier.
“The Joy of Giving Week is not just a token gesture, but a celebration of the best that each one of us has, and I am sure it will soon become a movement. It is time that we have unifying events that bring together people of different backgrounds, regions, classes where the only identity that matters is that of a human being,” said Cr Isha Agrawal, Chief of Nagpur ladies Circle 50 about the project.
While Tr Rohit Buty, who heads NSRT 258 added, “We are all committed to making this Week a big success and move towards rekindling the great spirit of giving that used to be embedded in our culture.”
Cr Nidhi Poddar- Secretary of NLC 50 thanked all those who were involved in this project and said that with their participation, the project maximised its reach.
“We felt so good in contributing to this immensely satisfying program. We thank everyone for their valuable time & making each day one of its kind,” said Ankush Gopalani, Secretary of NSRT 258.

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