September 24, 2018, 2:15 AM

Lakadganj Police caught a 14-year-old boy from Nagpur in Mumbai for stealing 50 tola gold from his maternal aunt’s house to get a sex-change surgery done. The police post investigation learnt that the teenager, who’s maternal aunt is a bar dancer in Mumbai, too aspired to become a bar dancer to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Four persons including a young girl - Rehana Dhanawat (18), Imraan Shariff (24), Farookh Sheikh (24) and Prashant Jangde (26), promised the youngster a sex-change surgery by luring him to steal ornaments for the operation.

As per the cops, the eighth standard boy from a renowned school ran away from his house on August 7 with the stolen gold as well as his aunt’s cellphone. The aunt, fearing a case of kidnapping, filed a complaint at the Lakadkanj Police who then registered a complaint under section 380 of the IPC.

Nagpur Police, upon receiving a tip-off about the youngster’s whereabouts in Vashi, Mumbai, finally caught hold of him. That’s when the youngster narrated the entire ordeal to the cops.

During the investigation the young boy revealed that he wanted to get converted into a girl through a sex-change surgery to become a bar dancer. He told his friend Rehana about the desire to undergo a surgery, for which Rehana planned a meeting with her friends Imraan, Farookh, and Prashant.

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The four accused assured of helping the young boy by ensuring the latter arranged for good amount of money for operation. The young boy handed over the entire gold to the four accused, which then took him along to Mumbai.

Nagpur Police arrested all the four accused and recovered 32 out of 52 tola gold. It was also said that few days before the theft, one of the young boy’s aunt had visited his house and coaxed him to become a bar dancer.

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