September 22, 2021, 9:24 PM

Nagpur Traffic Police and Kingsway Hospital have joined hands for a 7–day road safety awareness drive, which started on September 22. As part of the road safety week, people will be made aware of traffic rules. Volunteers with various placards related to road safety will also take part in the drive.

The drive was launched by DCP Sarang Awad at RBI Square in presence of ACP (Traffic) Ajay Kumar Malviya, Dr Ashish Chandra (CEO, Kingsway Hospital), CFO Nilesh Mundhada, Aejaz Shami (AGM, Marketing & Communication), Roshan Fulbandhe (AGM, Business Development) and senior members of the business development and branding team along with manager Jitendra Lodhe.

After the launch on Tuesday, two-wheelers riders wearing helmets were felicitated with roses. Two-wheeler riders, who did not wear helmets, were made aware of their need. Helmets were also provided to such riders by Kingsway Hospital. As part of the road safety week, people will be made aware through street plays at Variety Square and Law College Square on September 23.

Additionally, on Tuesday, a man dressed as ‘Yamraj’ was also present to interact with commuters. Yamraj stopped people not wearing helmets and gave them a chit, which read: 'My next target is you.' Those who wore helmets were given roses by him. 

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