December 2, 2021, 11:07 AM

In a shocking incident, a Nagpur youngster identified as Nitesh Panchbhai, allegedly killed his grandmother Devkabai Jeevandas Bobade, when she denied giving him money for perusing higher education in the United States.
The incident had happened a few days ago at Bobade’s resident near Gayatri Convent under Nandanvan Police Station. Reportedly, Bobade’s 22-year-old grandson son killed her in cold blood following a heated argument.
As per the officials, Nitesh, who is an engineering student, wanted to go to the US for higher studies. He approached his 78-year-old grandmother for money. Bobade, who was a retired medical officer, refused to help him.
After getting rejected several times, Nitesh planned to kill her in her own house. He slit her throat and watched her bleeding to death. Nitesh then arranged the scene to look like a robbery had happened.
However, he confessed his crimes during an investigation carried out by the officials. The officers held him and booked him under relevant sections of the IPCs. Further investigation in this matter is in progress.

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