September 20, 2021, 4:07 PM

The Zenith Order, a youth-run organisation from Nagpur, organised their first offline event- the Zenith Hub on Friday, 17th September, at the Common Ground coffee bar in Shankar Nagar, Nagpur.
The Zenith Hub had individuals from all over India under one roof engaging in intellectual conversations, with performances from various artists, including the night’s Chief Guest, Darryl Grant.
Lead vocalist and guitarist Atrypt and Shivani Joshi also performed at the event.
Set up with the vision to give the youth’s voice a platform, The Zenith Order was founded by three then 16-year-olds- Chaitanya Kavy Dhruv, Luvya Khushlani and Dev Kyawal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
For all the readers in the area, they also partnered up with Library On Wheels to be their stop for the week. A mini-library was set up at the venue for all the enthusiastic readers.
“We merged multiple elements to create a culturally rich environment, with perfection. The World cafe, performances and the Reading Corner blended in perfectly. And this isn't the end, it's merely the beginning,” Chaitanya Kavy Dhruv, President, The Zenith Order told Nation Next.
Luvya Khushalani, Joint Managing Director of Zenith, told Nation Next that with Zenith Hub, they introduced a fairly new concept among the youngsters of Nagpur.
Anvita Plawat, Second Counsel of Zenith order was amazed by the hospitality of Nagpur.
“ I can’t wait to come back here. I had an excellent time organising the event and interacting with the audience,” said Palwat, who had come all the way from Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) for this event.
Reet Agrawal, who was one of the participants of the event, said, “I was ecstatic after the event! The discussions on the given questions were fresh and I was overwhelmed to get to know new people’s opinions on such important and ‘woke’ topics.”
The event was a huge success, leaving the entire team, including Anvita Plawat, Kartika Jamdar, Reva Bisen and Yashna Chaudhary who were on spot since day one, baffled at the beauty of what they had created.

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