April 3, 2020, 9:30 PM

DCP Vinita S helping out an old woman

Nagpur Zone II DCP Vinita S on Thursday took to the city streets to ensure that social distancing is being practiced and also distributed food packets to the needy.

DCP Vinita S at a ration shop

She visited all the grocery stores and fair price shops under Zone II area and urged citizens and shopkeepers to strictly practice social distancing when buying and selling necessary items.

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DCP Vinita S with police personnel

She also distributed food packets to the poor people living in the slums and the shelter rooms. Most importantly, she asked the migrant laborers about their problems and provided them with food and medicines.

DCP Vinita S speaking to migrant labourers

Nagpur Zone II DCP Vinita S further instructed police personnel posted in Zone II to ensure that people who need help are helped and that social distancing norms are strictly adhered to.

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