April 11, 2019, 5:02 AM

Nagpur’s first-time voters are all set to cast their vote to their favourite Lok Sabha candidate tomorrow. See what some of the first-time voters of the city had to tell Nation Next about whom they plan to exercise their democratic right for!

Twenty-one-year old Shruti Dhoot, a teacher by profession, says, “I feel the BJP has done some great developmental works in the last five years in Nagpur as well as in India. I’m hopeful that the BJP will once again deliver their promise of making Nagpur a better city.”

While Shruti feels that the BJP has proved its mettle in the past five years, a 23-year-old assertive entrepreneur Swaima Ahmad says, “Yes, I’m a first-time voter and I firmly believe in the ideologies of Congress. The political atmosphere in our country since last four years has been worrisome. I’m sure the Congress party would reinstate my belief in democracy and eradicate crime and hate politics.”

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An ardent supporter of the BJP, twenty-two-year-old Vishlesh Godhani, an engineering student, says, “I’m definitely voting for the BJP as I’ve seen the change Nagpur has gone through in the past five years -  be it MIHAN, Nagpur Metro, etc. BJP is a progressive party that is surely going to change the face of Nagpur as well as the entire country in the future.”

Nikhil Wankhede, 23-year-old student is of the opinion that the BJP has nothing for the people of Nagpur. He says, "BJP never gave Nagpur what it actually wanted. They made cement roads; they're a huge liability as they increase the temperature. Moreover, we never required metro as of now. Since 2014, not a single college in the city received scholarships for their OBC, SC/ST students. So Congress is my only hope." 

While majority youngsters of the city have already made up their mind to vote their favourite party or candidate, Nakul Sharma, a 23-year-old restaurateur from the city, says, “I don’t know which party I would be voting for! Considering the false promises all parties keep making in their manifestos. I don’t really know, which party I’d vote for.”

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