September 13, 2019, 11:12 PM
Nagpur Mayor Nanda Jichkar and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari during the inauguration of Nagpur's first CNG and LNG Mother Station near Automotive Square. (Photo by: Bhavesh Mahalle)

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, on September 13, launched Nagpur's first CNG and LNG station at Rawmatt CNG Pump located near Automotive Square in the city. Also, present during the inauguration were Nagpur Mayor Nanda Jichkar, Vaddadi Subbarao (Director, Rawwmat Industries Private Limited), Padmesh Gupta, Kaustubh Gupta, Bunty Kukde (Chairman, Transport Committee, Nagpur Municipal Corporation), among other prominent people of the city.

The launch of the LNG and CNG mother station in Nagpur by Rawmatt Industries Private Limited is a step towards realising Gadkari's vision of using alternate and eco-friendly fuel instead of petrol and diesel. Rawmatt has credited its technology partner INOXCVA, which is India's largest cryogenic engineering company, and Nagpur Municipal Corporation for successfully adapting and executing the concept of CNG.

After the inauguration, Gadkari spoke at length with media persons about the advantages of alternate fuel and also extended his best wishes and gratitude to Rawmatt Industries for bringing CNG to Nagpur.

Compressed Natural Gas (methane stored at high pressure) is an alternate fuel, which is economical, emits less noxious gases, and is thus a viable replacement of gasoline, deisel fuel, and propane/LPG. From reduced exhaust emissions to reduced energy costs, CNG offers a range of sustainable, safer, economical and empowering solutions against conventional fuels and petroleum products, Because it's cleaner, safer, powerful, cost-effective and indigenous, CNG is the best alternative fuel in the industry today.

Speaking about the difficulties in bringing CNG to Nagpur, Vaddadi Subbarao (Director, Rawmatt Industries) told Nation Next, “It was a great challenge to bring LNG by road tankers to Nagpur and then convert to CNG as there is no natural gas pipeline closer to Nagpur. In bigger cities like Delhi and Mumbai, there is a City Gas Distribution (CGD) network to distribute CNG to stations and households. Rawmatt has taken all care to ensure appropriate supply chain management and proper inventory systems to ensure regular supply of CNG to Nagpur.”

Subbarao added, “We bring in LNG from Dahej Terminal in Gujarat with the help of tankers. Transporting LNG as compared to CNG is easy and cost effective. After LNG arrives in Nagpur at our facility, we convert it into CNG with the help of vaporisation and further transport it to daughter stations by CNG cascades mounted on vehicles.”

The mother station at Automotive Square will be able to supply 23,000 kgs of CNG in Nagpur. It also has an additional facility to provide 15,000 kgs of Bio CNG. Currently two daughter stations (one at Khapri depot and second one at Wadi depot) are getting ready and will be operational in coming days.

Established in March 2017 in the centrally located city of Nagpur, Rawmatt Industries Private Limited is leading the field of manufacturing and supplying of CNG fuel dispensers. The company is committed to taking India close to its 0% emission goal, bossting the public transport with alternatives, providing affordable fuel solutions and extending the reach of CNG and LNG vehicles even to the rural areas.

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