July 29, 2021, 4:20 PM

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), on Wednesday, decided to ban idols of lord Ganesh made from Plaster of Paris (POP). Ahead of the festive season, a meeting was held at NMC premises, which was chaired by Environment Committee head Sanjay Mahajan.
The Central government had put a ban on the production, distribution, purchasing and selling of POP Ganesh idols. As per experts, POP pollutes nature and disturbs the biological diversity of our ecosystem.
To implement Centre’s orders, NMC issued their guidelines. As Ganesh Chaturthi is just a month away, officers began preparations to curb the selling, production and distribution of POP Ganesh idols in Nagpur city.
In a press release, NMC mentioned, “Deputy Commissioner Rajesh Bhagat has strictly instructed officers to meet idol makers and ask them not to make POP idols. If found, the idols will be confiscated and a heavy penalty will be imposed.”
It further stated that to avoid immersion of idols in lakes, rivers and ponds, NMC would be making artificial tanks in every ward. Corporators were advised to submit a list of possible immersion spots in their respective wards.
“Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and NMC’s Environment department will together create mass awareness against the use of POP idols, which harm nature and have adverse effects on our ecosystem,” the press note concluded.
In addition to this, NMC also submitted a letter to Nagpur Police asking to create checkpoints on entry/exit routes of the city. This would ensure that no POP idol could get into Nagpur from other cities or states.
In a strict warning, NMC said that all offenders would be charged and heavy penalties would be imposed on idol makers, who would fail to follow the guidelines.

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