April 28, 2020, 5:33 PM
Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) shifted around 1200 residents of city’s Satranjipura area to various quarantine centres across the city.
Buses, in which 1200 residents would be shifted to quarantine centres, parked at Satranjipura

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) are shifting a total of 1200 residents of city’s Satranjipura area to various quarantine centres across the city. Out of the 1200, around 750 have already been quarantined by Tuesday noon. 

Speaking about the same, NMC Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe told Nation Next, "We're in the process of quarantining 1200 people from Satranjipura. So far, we've quarantined 750 residents by Tuesday afternoon. By late evening we'll quarantine all 1200 people. We're shifting them to four quarantine centres across the city in Pachpaoli, VNIT campus. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management campus and MLA Hostel."

Corporator from Satranjipura Sanjay Mahajan told Nation Next, "All the 450 people quarantined yesterday have been kept at Symbiosis campus. Today, they would go though COVID-19 test."

As per NMC, people residing in the area, which has been a hotspot in Nagpur for the spread of the Coronavirus, are still hiding information vis-à-vis their symptoms and travel history. As a result, Mundhe has begun sending maximum people for quarantine. By Tuesday, the number of citizens to be segregated will reach about 1,200, Mundhe had said on Monday.

Giving more information in this regard, he said, “Satranjipura area has become a hotspot for Nagpur in terms of Corona. Therefore, a team of NMC is conducting daily surveys in this area. Citizens are being asked for their information. However, the survey revealed that citizens are still not providing complete information. About 200 people who came in contact with the victims of the Corona had hid similar information.”

He added, “Sending them to the isolation wards or getting them quarantined on time would avert a major infection. The number of residents from this area who tested positive has reached 80. Therefore, if the citizens of the area hide the real information, there is no denying of the possibility that many citizens might turn out positive for the virus. If measures are not taken now, an outbreak will not take long to occur.”

He further added, “That is why it was decided to quarantine citizens. Earlier 100 residents of the same area were quarantined.”

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