August 23, 2021, 5:00 PM

In a progressive move towards increasing connectivity, Indian Railways’ ‘Mumbai–Nagpur High-Speed Rail Corridor,’ would now enable the journey between the two major cities of Maharashtra in almost 3.5 hours.
The route would be approximately 736 kilometres in length, running entirely within the state of Maharashtra. Operated by the National High-Speed Railway Corporation Ltd (NHSRCL), the bullet train would be able to host 750 passengers in one trip.
Currently, it roughly takes 10-15 hours for a traveller to reach Nagpur- Mumbai (vice versa) by road. But now, because of the high-speed train, which would run at 250 km/hr against the permitted speed of 350 km/hr, one could reach Mumbai in less than four hours.
It is one of a kind railway project in Maharashtra, which would have 14 stations in total. It would cover 10 districts of the state.
NHSRCL, on Friday, said that they would submit their ‘feasibility study’ by early 2022. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic development works suffered, the high-speed railway project might gain some momentum as things are now under control post-second wave.
As per reports, 60% of land acquisition for the project was done and the remaining 40% would be completed soon. Due to the land acquisitions, farmers and landowners were heavily benefited as they received more amount from the government compared to the market rates.

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