September 20, 2017, 10:37 PM
Nujster Sports League

Nujster Sports League (NSL) is organising a football league from 29th October 2017 at The University Ground, Ravi Nagar in Nagpur. The league, which will run for 14 weeks, aims to attract people between the ages 16 to 40. The main objective of this league is to promote team sports among the people of Nagpur.

Anuj Singh, Director of Nujster Fitness Studios Pvt Ltd, said, “The matches will be played on every Sunday from 7 am to 5 pm. Nujster Sports League will have around 14 teams with each side playing each other in a round robin format. Each team would comprise 15-20 squad members on an average. The winner will be decided on aggregate points at the end of the ‘game-weeks.’ Every game-week has all teams playing, which translates to at-least six games (60 minutes a game) per match in one day.”

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He added, “Nujster Sports League is aimed at developing sports in India, so we started this activity from Nagpur. We believe that a lack of organised sports leagues needs to be addressed to further develop and popularise sporting careers in India. Apart from this, there is a dire need for further development of aspiring sportsmen through the latest technology available.”

The organisers would be providing the team a ground, referees, video highlights, HD photographs, statistics, match reports, refreshments, game analysis, media content and an opportunity for good footballers to get noticed. Moreover, they are offering a 15% discount on all registrations before 30th September along with a 50% discount for girls.

Registration charges would be Rs 4,000 and Rs 60,000 for individuals and teams respectively. For further details, contact Anuj Singh on 9923014657 or 07709171922.

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