September 7, 2021, 6:51 PM

Over 11 first-year students of MBBS studying at Datta Meghe Medical College in Wanadongri tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday.

The college dean Dr Dilip Gode said all the 11 students got infected during tests held in last two days. Apart from this, at least 100 classmates have been quarantined.

"We have dengue patients getting treatment at a hospital attached to the medical college. When two of our students suffered from fever, we suspected it could be dengue. However, before admitting them to the hospital, we carried out rapid antigen tests, which confirmed on Sunday that they were coronavirus positive," Gode told PTI.

Soon, the college authorities got the RT-PCR test done for 60 classmates who had some symptoms, out of which nine tested positive on Monday.

The dean said none of the quarantined students have had any symptoms including fever. He also said the students’ oxygen levels were also good.

"The college is attached to the Shalinitai Meghe Hospital & Research Centre, which is a dedicated COVID-19 hospital. We have all the know-how about the treatment and none of the students has any symptoms. Doctors are visiting students in their rooms. RT-PCR tests will be conducted on all the students at the hostel on Wednesday,” said Gode.

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