January 12, 2021, 5:10 PM

Addressing at valedictory function of the second National Youth Parliament Festival on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the youth of the nation to follow Swami Vivekananda’s leadership advice and praised him for his contribution in developing individuals and institutions.

He also urged the youth to contribute selflessly and constructively in politics, and assured that today, honest people were getting the opportunity to serve, changing the old notion of politics as a site of unscrupulous activities.
“Time has passed, the country has become independent, but even today we still see Swamiji's influence in India. What he preached about spirituality, nationalism and nation building, public service and jag-seva still flow in our minds even today,” he said. 
He stressed that it was Swami Vivekananda who recognized confident, clear-hearted, fearless and courageous youth as the foundation on which, the future is of the nation is built. 
Prime Minister Modi said that the biggest enemy facing the country is political dynasty. 
“Rajneetik Vanshvaad”(political dynasty) is a challenge that the country is faced with and it has to be rooted out. While it’s true that the days of those that won elections only on the basis of surnames are numbered, this disease of dynasty has not ended completely. There are still people whose ideas, thoughts and goals are all about keeping their families in politics,” PM Modi said.
“Instead of putting the nation first, political dynasties only seek to entrench the idea of ‘only me and my family’ into the national psyche. This is also a big reason for political and social corruption. Those born and bred in political dynasties think that since their earlier generations got away with corruption, they can as well.”
“They are surrounded by many living examples of that idea at their homes. Therefore, neither do these people have any respect for the law, nor do they have any fear of it,” he said.
“More and more of you should come into politics. Not to take, or own, or become someone, but to do something. You should move forward with your thinking and your vision. As long as our youth don’t come into politics, this poison of dynasty will continue to weaken our democracy. To save the country, it is essential that you come into politics,” he added.
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