March 2, 2019, 1:28 AM

Hudkeshwar Police, on Thursday, arrested a police constable (attached with Nagpur rural police) for his alleged involvement in the murder of a printing press owner near Dighori toll post in Nagpur.

The constable Prakash Chandrashekhar Jawade (26), as per the police, hatched the plan to eliminate the printing press owner Sanjay Dhanraj Chauhan (36), at the behest of Chauhan’s wife Sneha Sanjay Chauhan (27) and her paramour Yogesh Purshottam Gahane (27). Apart from Jawade, Sneha Chauhan, Yogesh and a dreaded goon Aakash alias Bittu Omprakash Somkuwar (28) have been arrested.

As per the cops, Sneha had an extramarital affair with Sanjay’s friend Yogesh, who used to live in the same apartment where Sneha and her husband Sanjay lived. Certain to the fact that Sanjay would never divorce her, Sneha along with Yogesh decided to eliminate Sanjay. As Yogesh knew Jawade personally, he approached him and gave Rs 3 lakh ‘supari’ to kill Sanjay. Sneha was apparently even ready to sell her jewellery to pay the amount.

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Jawade, then hatched a plan to kill Sanjay along with Somkuwar. As per the plan, Yogesh invited Sanjay for dinner at a roadside eatery on Umred Road. Yogesh and Sanjay were later joined by Jawade while Somkuwar sat on another table with three other men. As Yogesh, Sanjay and Jawade left the eatery, Somkuwar and his accomplices followed them. Sanjay was later attacked by Somkuwar and the three men with sharp weapons. Sanjay’s face was also smashed with a rock. Sanjay’s body was later dumped in a nearby nullah.

While Hudkeshwar police have arrested Jawade, Sneha, Yogesh and Somkuwar and booked them under relevant sections of the IPC, the police is still in search of Somkuwar’s accomplices.

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