September 17, 2017, 11:23 PM
Poja Bedi (Source- Facebook page)
Pooja Bedi

Bollywood actor Pooja Bedi recently filed a court case against a Nagpur based event management company ‘Innovative Solutions and Events Private Limited’ for not clearing her dues, which have been pending for two years. The said company had engaged Pooja for appearing in a few events in Nagpur in 2015, but according to Pooja, it hasn’t cleared her dues for the same despite repeated reminders and subsequent warnings.

When Nation Next, in an exclusive chat, asked Pooja Bedi about the same, she revealed, “In 2015, I’d appeared for three events for Innovative Solutions and Events Private Limited. Neerja Pathania, director of the company, with whom I’d worked earlier as well, gave an advance payment to me. But she never paid the balance amount of rupees 1.5 lakhs to me. She kept saying that she was going through financial problems. She kept begging me for my patience and time. She had been procrastinating my payment for two years. But, eventually I started following up, as I had to file my taxes. So, I requested her to at least, pay me my TDS amount if not the entire amount. After which, she started claiming that she just owed me the TDS amount and not rupees 1.5 lakhs. She’s clearly lying! Thankfully, I’ve proofs as I have documented all my conversations with her!”

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Neerja Pathania (Source- Facebook account)
Neerja Pathania, Director at ‘Innovative Solutions and Events Private Limited’ in Nagpur (Photo source: Facebook)

Pooja said, "Neerja even assured me by saying that she would be making good money from managing events at the Indian Premier League (IPL), so I needn’t worry about the payment.” A perturbed Pooja further added, “Neerja has earned handsomely well from two IPL seasons. Where the hell is my money? If I’ve worked for somebody, I deserve to be paid. I’ve put my time, energy and efforts. She did earn money from IPL. So where’s my money?”

A few days back, when Pooja warned Neerja about filing a court case against her, Neerja claimed that she had transferred Rs 44,000 through her employee Ramu Thorpe’s bank account to Pooja's account. Pooja told us that no such payment ever reflected in her account. Pooja said, “When I asked her for the details of the said bank transaction, she didn’t have any answer. Next story that she cooked up was that she had given the cash to one of her employees to hand it over to me, but then that employee quit the job and ran away with the money. Another story Neerja floated that was she had paid for one of my events in cash. Everybody in the industry knows that I never accept cash.”

Expressing her dismay on Neerja's default, Pooja said, "Now, for two years, she was begging for time, and when I told her that I was filing a case, she said that she’d already paid me! In fact, a friend of mine from Nagpur has also been in the loop of things. After I told him my story, he too had messaged Neerja requesting her to clear my dues. He did his bit too. But his efforts too went in vain. Moreover, few days back, Neerja sent me a picture of her bank statement, saying that she just had Rs 50,000 in her bank account, so she couldn't pay me beyond that. Though people warned me that Neerja has a reputation of defaulting payments, I dealt with her as she came across as a sweet woman, who’s a single mother, etc. But now, I sincerely request anyone (from Nagpur or outside) whose dues haven't been cleared by Neerja, to come forward, so that we can collectively file a court case against her.”

When Nation Next asked Neerja Pathania about her side of the story, she firstly said, “Pooja’s interested in sharing this story with people but I’m not.” Later, speaking about the payment of Rs 44,000 that Neerja had made through her employee Ramu’s account, she said, “Ramu’s my employee. I have a record of the transaction in my books. Moreover, there’s some confusion regarding the amount that has to be paid to Pooja. According to me, it’s just the TDS amount and according to her, it’s the amount pertaining to multiple events. Also, it’s a very regular thing, if one doesn’t pay his/her TDS on time.”

Adding further, Neerja said, “Pooja and I are still on cordial terms. We have many mutual friends, with whom I work. Even today, I have no issues with her. I don’t know why she’s upset. No celebrity comes to the venue without being paid. Moreover, you can’t expect me to pay money the moment you ask me to. She hasn’t been chasing me since two years. We have been interacting normally through WhatsApp. I’ll be paying her Rs 1.5 lacs (if that’s the amount) when I’ll have money with me. I’m trying my best to earn. I had a financial crunch and everybody is aware of it. Just because you’re working with IPL doesn’t mean you’re earning in crores. I don’t understand why she’s so stressed!"

  Below are some screenshots of Pooja Bedi's interaction with Neerja Pathania, which were sent to Nation Next by Pooja:  Pooja Bedi- Neerja Pathania 1   Pooja Bedi- Neerja Pathania 2.JPG Pooja Bedi- Neerja Pathania 9.JPG Pooja Bedi- Neerja Pathania 12.JPG Pooja Bedi- Neerja Pathania 14
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