April 5, 2020, 8:06 PM

In order to ensure public safety even post COVID-19 lockdown, India’s largest theatre chain – PVR Cinemas – is looking at implementing the idea of social distancing inside its theatres through seat distancing.

As per the report in PTI, CEO Gautam Dutta said, “We are planning a number of things right from sanitising theatres to training our staff members. Along with the implementation of social distancing at the ticket kiosks, we will arrange seat distancing inside the theatres as well. Wherein, if the customer has booked two tickets, we will skip one seat between the allocated two seats so that people would feel comfortable even after the pandemic comes to an end.”

Speaking about the losses incurred due to the pandemic and consequent lockdown, Dutta as per PTI, said, “This is the first time that the revenues have completely dried up. Never in our history of 21 years have cinemas closed down completely. Like any other business, we have faced ups and downs in terms of revenues but we had never imagined our revenues will read zero. And it’s not just us; the world has been facing the impact. Overall, the situation is very tough. We’re social beings and like to go out. Prior the lockdown came into effect, around two lakh people streamed into PVR cinemas across the country. We don’t say we’ re in the business of cinema, we say we are in the business of out of home entertainment and it will thrive, not now, not later, but always.”  

Dutta assured that none of its employees would lose their jobs even if the lockdown stays for the next couple of months. However, there would be salary cuts as it is a big team, but the situation will be assessed only after the lockdown ends.

PS: However, this move might be a bad news for all lovey-dovey couples who might we waiting for the lockdown to get over and spend some quality time with their partners watching movies hand-in-hand! ;)

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