April 5, 2020, 11:13 PM

Nagpur based R Sandesh Foundation - an organisation led by a big business group of the city - has been helping people affected by COVID-19 outbreak. 
People having a meal at Agrasen Bhavan in Nagpur

Nagpur based R Sandesh Foundation - an organisation led by a big business group of the city - has been helping government agencies, doctors, paramedics, migrant labourers, sanitary workers and others affected by COVID-19 outbreak.

R Sandesh Foundation stands out in its relief work as the members, most of them belonging to the business community of Nagpur, are not only donating huge funds and pooling in massive resources, but they are also meticulously leveraging their business acumen in managing the entire relief work they are doing.

While R Sandesh Foundation started distributing sanitisers, masks, gloves, etc. among the needy at the onset of COVID-19 outbreak, the foundation diversified its operations into helping migrant labourers, workless labourers and other needy people with cooked food, monthly ration and other essential goods, after PM Modi announced the lockdown.

People resting at the facility provided by Sandesh Foundation

Besides, offering cooked food and medicines to the needy across different venues like Ravinagar Bhavan, Agrasen Bhavan etc., the foundation is also in the process of distributing monthly relief/ration kits, including grains, pulses, spices, medicines, etc. to two lakh needy people.

Many displaced labourers have already been accommodated at two of the Bhavans in Nagpur, where they are being provided cooked food and basic facilities. Besides this, the foundation is also providing the scarce PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits, sanitisers and masks to the Police personnel and medical professionals on demand.

Having a foresight about the future challenges the government may face in controlling Coronavirus spread, R Sandesh Foundation has already started aggregating resources like  grains, pulses, sanitisers, personal protection kits (for the doctors and police personnel) and other goods of essential needs to help the needy.

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Showing thoughtfulness, the foundation members have also started aggregating their properties i.e. farmhouses, halls, hotels etc. in and around Nagpur to offer the same to the government agencies to make the quarantine centres there, if the need arises.

The way R Sandesh Foundation is making the best use of its funds and human resources to reach out to the various communities of the needy is really commendable. Various responsibilities like funds acquisition, procurement, identifying the needy, distribution of food and ration/relief kits, coordination, etc., have been delegated properly and the entire coordination is happening through a Whatsapp Group to maintain the social distancing. Only the trained relief and distribution teams are getting into the field, following proper precautionary measures, as directed by the government.

When Nation Next spoke to the leader of R Sandesh Foundation, he said, “I request you to not to name me anywhere because there are many people who are involved in R Sandesh Foundation, and they are putting their best foot forward to help the needy! Our foundation is about all of us, not only me as an individual. Our agenda is to reach out to as many needy people in these times of crisis. Our foundation is open for all! If anyone wishes to join us in any which in this endeavour of helping our country fight COVID-19 outbreak, they are most welcome!”

When we asked him about his observation on how government is faring in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, “As we ourselves have been dealing with day-to-day situations arising because of the crisis, we can see the administration and the government are doing their best to deal with this crisis. We are really proud of the way government agencies have fared in these times of crisis. We’ll continue to support the government in fighting COVID-19 till this crisis ends.”

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