January 14, 2017, 10:46 PM
Radio Garden
Radio Garden app that gives you an access to all the radio stations in the world

Who wouldn't want to know, what is trending on Alaska, Hungry or maybe London’s radio? Thanks to the new app Radio Garden, music lovers across the globe now have all the reasons to rejoice.

Radio Garden is a Transnational Radio Knowledge Platform designed by Amsterdam-based design company Studio Puckey and Moniker. It is developed by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, which has made it easy for anybody across the globe to tune into any radio station, just with a tap. With a Google Earth-inspired design, users will now be able to click, select and enjoy music ranging from various countries to continent, as the dial moves effortlessly, allowing the user to traverse live internet streams from stations across the globe. A user friendly and interactive app, it presents Earth covered in tiny green dots, each representing a radio station that can be tuned into. The app also gives an access to history, jingles and stories, which allows a user to check previous broadcasts and jingles.

Check out the link of the app below


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