September 17, 2019, 12:34 AM

On the occasion of 'Client Appreciation Day' at Rag's Boutique, around 200 customers along with the owner Shailaja Prasad, shared blissful moments on Friday to celebrate its glorious 21 years.

Customers had a whale of time, as in her peculiar charming way, welcomed all her guests and detailed them on various designs and fabrics. Warm hugs, selfies and great food were the order of the day.

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Shailaja while thanking all her loyal customers told Nation Next, “God has blessed me with so many faithful customers who’ve helped me successfully run my boutique for 21 years. It feels really overwhelming when I realise I play a small role in their life.” Sharing an emotional incident, she added, “One of my clients, who is now a renowned chef, sent me a picture of hers when she was barely six in our creation! She still continues to wear clothes designed by us.”

Apart from the rare Khun fabrics and Paithani sarees, Shailaja also spoke about the in-house jewelry and accessories brand named 'Aksha Curio company run by her daughter-in-law Aksha Prasad.

Speaking to Nation Next, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari’s wife and Shailaja’s old customer Kanchan Gadkari said, “Shailaja should keep doing her great work so that more jobs are created for girls and women.” Anagha Sagane said, “I am fond of the style and pattern she creates; I guess her understanding of fashion brings the best in me.

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