January 2, 2019, 2:03 AM
Shashi Tharoor
Shashi Tharoor (Photo source: Facebook)

Senior Congress leader and MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor batted for Congress President Rahul Gandhi by saying that the latter has all the right qualities to make for an excellent prime minister.

Tharoor, on Sunday in an interview to PTI in New Delhi, said, “At a personal level, having had several interactions and discussions in close quarters with the Congress president, to my mind it is evidently clear that Rahulji has all the right qualities to make an excellent prime minister for the country,”

He said that Gandhi’s inclusive style of leadership, a willingness to reach across the political divide, the empathy extended towards aggrieved sections of the society, a commitment to the pluralist fabric of the country, paired with a distinctive charisma, humility and remarkable awareness, all suggest that he would be able to ‘fittingly live up to the expectations of the top job.’

Tharoor further said, “Rahul Gandhi is our leader, which means that if Congress gets a majority, he will be PM. If Congress is in a coalition government, obviously wider discussions will be held with other coalition partners to arrive at a consensus candidate.”

The MP also said that the Congress, post the recent assembly elections, remains the only alternative party with a pan-India presence. Therefore, the party would be the ‘natural fulcrum’ for any national alliance.

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