August 9, 2021, 4:28 PM

Dipen Agrawal

Dipen Agrawal

Dipen Agrawal, Convener of Sarkar Jagao Vanijya Bachao Sangharsh Samiti and President of Chamber of Associations of Maharashtra Industry and Trade (CAMIT), reacting to relaxations announced on Sunday night by Maharashtra Government, said that these relaxations, though delayed, are welcomed by the sangharsh samiti. Agrawal said that the businessmen have been impressing on administration at all levels to abide by its own scientific order and permit economic activities as per levels prescribed under the order dated June 4.

Agrawal said: "All shops including those in malls are now allowed operate till 8 pm on all days. Hotel, restaurants, bars and food joints are permitted to operate on all days at 50% capacity till 10 pm and takeaways till 11 pm. Coaching institutes are allowed to operate till 8 pm at 50% capacity on all days. The order is silent on relaxations related to tourism, entertainment and sectors associated with hospitality."

Agrawal said that shop/mall operators will leave no stone turned to get their staff vaccinated and impress upon customers to get vaccinated. Considering the ongoing pace of vaccination, Agrawal appealed administration to ensure uninterrupted supply of vaccine at government centres.

Agrawal on behalf of most affected sectors thanked Nagpur Guardian Dr Nitin Raut for his efforts to bring the much-needed respite, though the relaxations now granted are still short of level-1 relaxations.

Agrawal requested Dr Raut to bring relief to entertainment industry consisting of backstage artists, theatres, single-screen and multi-screen cinema halls, etc. and left-out segments connected to hospitality sector like social gathering halls, decorator, carters, florist, band troupe, etc.

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