August 31, 2021, 3:27 PM

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Dr Samiran Panda, Head of Epidemilogy and Communicable Diseases at the Indian Council of Medical Reasearh (ICMR), said on Monday that the rising COVID cases in some states of India indicate the beginning of the 3rd wave.

Dr Panda said: "Several states began imposing COVID-19 restrictions and increased vaccinations, learning from Delhi and Maharashtra. Due to this, the second wave in several states was not as intense, leaving scope for a third wave. Therefore, the increasing number of COVID-19 infections in some states presently is indicating a third wave."

Dr Panda added: "Every state should look into their number of COVID-19 infections and its intensity in both the first and the second wave of the pandemic to decide about their strategy/pandemic preparedness for the possibility of the third wave."

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