September 13, 2018, 1:20 AM

Rotary Club of Nagpur Ishanya will be organising a camp at Swagat Lawns (Civil Lines) on September 30, 2018 to provide LN4 prosthetic hands for free of cost to the needy. The camp will be organised by the club in association with LN4 Foundation (USA), Rotary Club of Indore Uptown and Mitra Foundation.

LN4 prosthetic hands are distributed free of cost in India in collaboration with Rotary Club. These prothetic hands are one of a kind. There is no surgery and medication required and the entire process needs only two hours for fitting and training.

Speaking to Nation Next, Manish Sawal, Project Director at Ishanya said, “We are expecting around 250 people from a radius of 300 kms from Central India to attend the camp and get benefitted by the LN4 hands.” Talking about the intention behind organising the camp, Mahesh Lahoti, a member of Ishanya said, “The intention is to help people become self-dependent so that they can their lives with dignity.”

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Any person from Maharashtra, who’s above four years of age, can register for the camp. The most important condition for registration is that amputation should be below the elbow. Also, there should be at least four inch of arm below the elbow for the LN4 prosthetic hand to be fitted. The process for registering for the camp is really simple. The person in need of the prothetic hand and meeting the criteria can just send his/her photo with the affected hand on Whatsapp on the following numbers: Manish Sawal - +919823074937, Nitin Agrawal - +919823798055, Dr Charu Baheti - +919823019487, Pradeep Thakkar - +919823178694, Abhijeet Raut - +919823934070 and Mahesh Lahoti - +919823050451. Those who wish to get more details about the camp can also call +917768886389/+917768886315. The last date for registeration is September 15.

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