January 22, 2017, 1:19 AM
Sameer Meghe
Sameer Meghe (Photo by: Darshan Bagwe)

Passing through a battery of servants, as we are escorted to a grand living room of the palatial Meghe House (at Khamla in Nagpur), a suave and svelte Sameer Meghe, dressed in a crisp white shirt and black trousers, greets us with utmost humility. The scion of Meghe family, who is the sitting BJP MLA from Hingna, is a man of few words. Maintaining the brevity of his answers, a calm and composed Sameer Meghe speaks to Nation Next about his father Datta Meghe's personal rapport with political biggies, the division of labour between him and his elder brother Sagar Meghe and why his joining the BJP was not opportunism.

You contested first time from Hingna and defeated a senior leader like Ramesh Bang by securing 84,139 votes in the assembly elections in 2014. Do you think your association with the Congress would have led to a similar victory?

People were frustrated because of Congress due to corruption, which was prevalent on a large scale. No work was really done for the people. The politicians carried out their routine work only. Definitely Modi wave did exist but several other factors like anti incumbency, my father Datta Meghe’s reputation, our education institutions and youth factor too contributed to my victory. So, only after considering all these aspects carefully, people voted for me.

You, along with your father Datta Meghe and your brother Sagar Meghe, quit Congress citing political differences with some of the senior leaders before the last assembly elections. How would you respond to the accusations of opportunism?

People will eventually say what they want to. We should just focus on our work. Our relations with Nitin Gadkari and Devendra Fadnavis go back a long way. My father shared a very close bond with Devendraji’s father Gangadharrao Fadnavis. Similarly, my father’s relation with Nitin Gadkari traces back to almost 40 years. I thank all the party members of the BJP because only after seeing some caliber in us they gave us this opportunity.

It is being said that Sagar has quit politics because he thinks if one brother is into politics, other should concentrate on family business…

Its true! Sagar has to take care of our family business, as it’s our livelihood! I have barely visited our institutes of late, because I am constantly busy serving my people in Hingna.

In the last assembly elections in 2014, you were apparently about to get pitched against Sagar’s brother-in-law Rajendra Mulak over west Nagpur seat, which the latter had been eyeing since a long time...

I had wished for the seat and so had Rajendra. Some newspapers had even published stories about this. I took a stand by saying that we both have asked for the ticket but no one really knows what would happen. At the end, none of us got the ticket.

How is your father’s rapport with Sharad Pawar after disassociating with the NCP?

My father still shares extremely cordial relations with him. Election is just for 20 days but your relation with people is forever. We would always be there for each other.

If reports are to be believed, Sagar Meghe had shifted his base to Dubai, saying that he wanted to expand his educational empire. Was it because he couldn’t face the political tug of war here?

These are rumours. People can create rumours out of anything. You never know what they will talk and what they will come up with. Dubai has lot of opportunities; just because we (our family) shouldn’t lack behind, Sagar had taken such a step for everybody. He always had plans to come back soon after establishing his business there.

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