April 4, 2020, 12:52 AM

A farmer from Maharashtra’s Satara district fed unsold strawberries to his cows that he had produced in his two-acre farm.
Farmer in Satara feeding strawberries to cows during lockdown (Photo credit: Reuters/Rajendra Jadhav)

As most of the farmers are unable to transport their farm produce to the markets due to the nationwide lockdown to combat COVID-19, a farmer from Maharashtra’s Satara district fed his cow the strawberries that he had produced in his two-acre farm. Usually, the sale of such premium farm produce is at its peak during summers, but, due to the current scenario in the country, it has nosedived to the lowest.

As reported in Reuters, the farmer identified as Anil Salunkhe said, “Tourists and ice cream producers are the main buyers of strawberries, but there are no tourists now.” Salunkhe, who was expecting to generate Rs 800,000 from the sale of strawberries, is presently unable to even recover the production cost of Rs 2,50,000.

In another such incident, a farmer from Bengaluru named Munishamappa dumped his 15 tonnes of grapes in a nearby forest after he failed to sell them off due to lockdown. Apart from that, large-scale florists are also complaining about how their businesses have got affected due to the cancellation of weddings.

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