November 22, 2021, 2:41 PM

The Supreme Court of India, on Monday, November 22, granted former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh protection from arrest in extortion case.
Singh was missing since October and is accused in an extortion case. His lawyer had said he was not absconding and is currently residing in India.
Singh told Supreme Court that he was ready to appear before CBI within 48 hours. Hearing this, SC directed him to join the investigation and granted him protection from arrest.
"The officer shall join investigation. But will not be arrested," Supreme Court said. The court had last week refused to grant the former top cop any such protection.
“Param Bir Singh does not want to abscond and does not want to run anywhere but faces a threat to his life,” Singh’s lawyer told the Supreme Court.
SC issued notice to Maharashtra government and the CBI in Singh’s case and said that the further hearing in this case would happen on December 6.

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