March 11, 2017, 12:47 AM

→Tirpude Institute of Management Education recently conducted an inter-collegiate Skit Competition 2017 in Nagpur, which was organised by TIARA (Tirpude Institute of Applied & Retrospective Arts) on their campus.

→This inter-collegiate competition was primarily held to provide a platform to the young generation actors, writers, directors, etc., to showcase their respective talents.

→Saleem Sheikh, Prasanna Shembekar and Shruti Dhabale adjudged the event. The director of Tirpude College, Lalit Khullar, was also present at the skit competition.

→The students through their performances struck an emotional chord with the audience as they delivered various acts that comprised genres ranging from comedy, drama, etc.

→There were few emotional moments during the skit when the actors (from various cities) moved the audience to tears through skits on ‘Thank you beti’‘Khel,’ etc.

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Pictures by: Kartik Thakur
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